Merging two separate Blender Files (as a person with Newton Pulsifer-ian knack with technology)

I have been searching for ways to do this, and learnt of Append, however, I am so new that I need a bit of a hand as to HOW to get it to load into one of the scenes. Pix please!

Basically, I do shift+f1, it opens the load list, then… nothing. I eventually found I could drag and drop the file into the main window of Blender but I’m not sure how to add to the current scene. It asks me to save my scene (scene A) then opens the new scene (scene B). What am I looking for, what have I missed?

I do not have the ‘file>append>’ option in my menu, only shift+f1 and cannot find this ‘objects’ business that was mentioned in some topics. The links to Blender Cookie and the like give me a 404 code. Clicking on the blend file does nothing.

I have two separately modelled parts of an object scene (no animations, no figures, no bones). I eventually need them all to become one scene so I can model around them.


When you append, you are adding specific parts of the blend file. Double-clicking on a .blend will bring up a variety of folders, like Mesh, Objects, Materials, etc. You go into those folders and find the things you want to add.

You can also copy and paste objects between the files, the copy buffer works very well.