Merging two vectors?

I have two points (vectors, right?) that are in the same place, but attached to different faces. I’d like to merge them together, so moving the one vector modifies both faces (instead of having to select both to avoid creating an empty space). I tried selecting both of them, hitting Alt+m, and selecting “Center” and it told me that one vector was removed, and when I tried moving that one vector it seemed to have worked, but when I select another vector and then go back to the other one, there’s two again.

Is that not how you’re supposed to merge two vectors?


mmm first I think you mean vertices rather than vectors. the ctrl-M should work so try a box select of that vert and look at the top bar and see how many verts are selected. Also try slecting all in edit mode and remove doubles.

P.S. this doesn’t work if they are 2 seperate objects


I assume you mean vertices (the little pink things). If merging two vertices does not behave as you expect, there may be more than two in the same location. Check the top of the screen in the status bar for the Ve number when you select all the vertices at a particular location. E.g., while in edit mode, hit the AKEY to make sure no vertices are selected, then use the cirular selection tool by hitting the BKEY twice and then using the middle mouse button to change the size of the circle to left click on the single vertex in question. The Ve: status will show you the number of selected vertices.

It is possible that you have many duplicated vertices. If so, you can hit the AKEY to select all vertices, then hit F9 and in the Mesh Tools panel, change the Limit to 0 (it defaults to 0.001). Then hit the WKEY and select Remove Doubles.


Oops, I do mean vertices!

Thanks for all the help, I have everything working now! That Ve: information is very helpful :yes: