Merging vertices occupying the same space?

I’m working on a homebrew game port, and needed models from the original title for cosmetic reasons.
However, there are no rips available online and the format used in the game files is proprietary which means it’s not possible to get the files from there.
So, I ran the game in an emulator and exported a 3D “snapshot” of a game frame with all the models showing, and figured I would cut them out in Blender.
However, (pardon my bad use of vocabluary) a lot of faces are “independant”, and thus a lot of vertices which should be part of multiple faces are not, so there are a lot of “duplicate” vertices at the exact same coordinates.
Any ideas of how I could merge them together?
Thanks for reading!
P.S.: Sorry if that wasn’t very understandable, english isn’t my mother language.

Try w (or go to mesh - vertices) and see if “remove doubles” solves the problem.

Well I could explain this to you, but it would be better if you’d upload the file here and I’ll merge everything properly and record it and upload it for you to see how it’s done.

This is easy, provided you understand what I’m talking about.

First, you need to make sure that they’re all for the same object. If they’re not, you need to use the Join tool on them all while in Object mode, then…

Go into Edit mode and deselect everything.
For each group of vretices, box-select them and then select the Merge button in the Tools panel, then choose the merge type you want.


I agree, @AnthonyForwood, but there might be more to this then just separated/double vertices. Distorted normals, unneeded mesh, dislocated mesh etc.

True enough, but Choon555 is trying to reconstruct some models using a ‘snapshot’ of a game frame with the models showing, so I can’t expect that it will be very accurate as it is. He/she also said that the vertices were in the exact same positions, so I don’t see how merging them would be a problem.