Merging Vertices?

(dante) #1

Is there a way to merge vertices? Also, is there a marquee tool or something that allows you to select more than one vertex at a time?

I REALLY hope the next version has an undo feature!



(Squee) #2

Unless i am mistaken about your question all you have to do is hold Shift to
select multiple vertices. And as for merging vertices use the Rem Doulbles option in edit mode.

you select the vertices you want merged. then scale them down so thy are really close to gether, or set the Limit up higher, and click the Rem Doubles button.

I would suggest scaling it is easier to get the results you want

Hope this helps

(dreamsgate) #3

for a marquee select, press “B” and draw your box

(theeth) #4

Shift-S, 4
Shift-S, 2
W, 4

B: box selection
B, B: Circle selection
numpad +/- when in circle selection: grow/shrink circle

Edit mode undo: Ukey
Action cancel: Right click when doing the action (example: pressing the right mouse button when moving an object)


(Enzoblue) #5

my easy way to merge verticies:

Select the one you want , Shift + S, Cursor -> Sel. Select the other Vertice, Shift + S, Sel -> Cursor, then Rem Doubles.

Other way is to select both vertices, Hit S, scale them together until they’re very very close, then rem doubles. Zoom in to scale them closer.