Merging work with others

Is there a tool /addon for merging works
Even it the work is a single mesh on which multiple people work ?

if you are talking about multiple people working on the same file at the same time, i believe there was a fork of blender 2.4x to do this… but it had syncronisation issues and there hasnt been any development since.

easiest way to do it is have people work in separate files working on different objects inside the file, then appending / copypasting from one into another…

There’s meshgit (pdf) which I was playing with at one point.

Got half of it working (the diff part) before the python kdtree wrapper was merged into blender but never started on the mesh merge part or updated it for the changes Campbell made to the kdtree wrapper class. Shouldn’t be too difficult, just need to take the tags generated by the diff part and add, delete, move faces/verts.

Maybe someday…