Mermaid Bride

Here is a little render of a beutiful mermaid by @rit.aria this is so simple and cute i really enjoyed modelling this

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Beautiful work Gloria!

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This is lovely! I love the specular quality of her skin, it seems wetter and shinier than human skin (which makes sense). Do you have any other rendered angles? I’m curious, just for my own reference, to see what that skin material looks like from the side or another angle.

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Very good style !

Edit : Maybe can you improve the hair ? They look rigid.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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thank you <3 your feedback is apprecieted
sadly this is the only render ive got cycles takes a while haha

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thank you and yea i didnt put too much work in the hair i just wanted it to look smooth <3 thanks for the feedback