I did a little tweak to the material with nodes, now the soft parts have sss and the shell parts don’t. I want to change the face texture to have more noticeable scales like the render up first in this page. Yes, the fingers have the wrinkles displaced a little up, I have to fix thid and some other things, anyway at 1:28 hour render time I´ll upload the changes another day.
Big render so maybe I can get some nice stars :D!

Hi All!
It’s been a long time since I made something in blender. This is just something I did “on the fly” just playing around. No references used. I hope I will finish this one. The arms are just sketched out and I know the hands are small. The long neck and arms are made on purppose tho make her look more “fishy”.


very very creepy. But the modeling is very good. Keep them coming.

Thanks! that’s what I was aiming for, something creepy, a mix between a woman and a crab or some other crustacean, with fleshy parts and shell parts. Im planning to make her even more creepy and with lots of intrincate details.

We have been watching too much Pirates of Carabian lately? :wink:

No objection , I am huge fan of the sea (my father was an ex captain, and now he and me are maritime lawyers ) , so I will keep a very very close eye on your project.

it looks great!
if you want some reference or inspiration, check this out:

The funny thing is that I haven’t seen any of the Pirates of the Caribean movies! but I obviously have seen some scenes on tv. My intention is to make something that’s disgusting and sexy and appealing at the same time, so when you look at it you think “arggg!” but then you think “mmm…” I was trying a new look on the “little mermaid”.

Jeepster, thanks for the link! I see the subject has been very well done before, like this one made by Pascal Blanché
This is just my try at it, maybe not very original but it was on my head and it had to get out :smiley:

I hope to end up with something similar to those but made in blender, to prove the power of our loved app.

I was just joking , frankly I do not see much common ground between your model and POC , and the same I could say for the zbrush link as well. The theme is surely is common but not being original is actually alot more difficult than people think.

When I started my Dragon , I based it on D&D illustrations, I feared that I would subconsciously copy that concept art . But in the middle of process I started to generate new ideas and move the model away from the images that inspired me. Of course I never intended to copy the D&D look, I only used it for inspiration and a base for my artistic creation. But then I was not afraid to copy some parts as well :wink:

I think the same you can do with your mermaid, take the images that inspire you and move them to a different dimension . Like matte painting artists that take tiny pieces of photographs and create something completely different.

I changed her face to a more creature-like one. Hope you like it;)


I love her lips , they are so kissable … very sexy !

Beginning detailing

Do you guys/girls (there must be some girls here,:confused:) know if it’s possible to work with millions of polygons in blender safely? Right now my model has roughly 600000 polys, the next multimesh iteration will make it 2.5 million but I don’t think It will be very workable. Do you have experience with such high polycount in blender, specifically in sculpt mode?

I do mostly sculpting , as far as I know 4 million is the limit for blender. Even the renderer will refuse to render them. So generally is not adviced as it may lead to a crash, but you may try it.

I do not think it will be very useful to go as high. Normally only Zbrush and XSI handle high poly sculpted meshes very well. Generally however , you wont need to go that high for detail ,as a bump mapw can easiliy add the details you want and keep your mesh as low as you want .

That is my plan with my dragon.

Or the alternative is to sculpt it in zbrush the highest details , make a normal map, lower the level of detail and import the low poly and normal map in blender and then you will be able to render a high detail model .

ooh really nice update!
does she have a lower half?

Yes, she has a lower half…:eyebrowlift:

Dude, that is nice modeling. Very scary.

a cheesy flythrough animation I did, but you can appreciate the shape better. Vimeo uses a very blurry compressor!

Excellent sculpt. I don’t know if you will be able to push into the millions of polygons. I have found that hiding areas of the mesh you are not working on allows the brush to work better-- although you have probably already discovered that.

My only crit is that I would soften up the stomach a little. Not really a crit, more of a preference. The proportions look fine.

I like it.

Scary stuff. But great modelling and details.

I tried to push it up to 2 million polys but crashed blender, although it was on my laptop. I decided to paint the extra details in the texture. I was trying to get Zbrush quality but is a bit too soon for sculpt mode yet (I’m sure 2.5 will get closer).

Yeah, Tamarin she has bodybuilder abs!, maybe I’ll soften them a bit.

Do you mean 4 million per object or per scene?
I have rendered a scene with more than 9 million faces without problems. (Ubuntu 64 bit with 4 GB RAM)

If render crashes on rendering, than most of the time it’s bec. there is not enough RAM.

onnevan, which OS do you use and how much RAM?

Interesting mermaid by the way.