Hey guys, just a personal project I’ve been working on, trying to make my own take on a mermaid. It’s still in basic concept stages, and the hair is definitely not finalized either. I’m in the process of webbing the fingers, and then I’ll start sculpting and adding in scales and such. The wrap/coverup is just temporary until I figure out what to put there! Let me know what you think :yes:

The hair is beautiful.
Good job so far, go on.:slight_smile:

Thanks! I decided to redo the tail entirely and go for a more edgy look… everything was looking a bit too rounded imo =)

She went from Mermaid Princess to Mermaid Warrior. It’s cool! Kinda reminds me of deep sea creatures. Is her skin intentionally gray or is that just a placeholder?

It looks great, so far!

I haven’t started coloring anything yet, but the skin definitely won’t be that color =) I started sculpting her a bit, but I haven’t had much time this past week. As you can tell, I forgot to turn on x symmetry for far too long…

for the fin i would see something like that:

the bones are disposed like a palm tree and are straight.


your version the bones are starting paralel and then curve…