Little mermaid

Wov, this looks really nice :slight_smile:
If i may ask, how did you do the tentacles? Have you modelled them into the shape, or used some modifier/armature?

I use array + follow curve

I love, just good!
perhaps a stronger light … and still not sure.
I repeat, I love it.

i like, only color is not fitting theme for me, would love to see a greenish-blue material. nice stylised sculpting!

@Max4er :slight_smile:

this is not character this is clay sculpture. so i think material is right.

in any case, it came out very, very nice :yes:

love it Max4er!

Oh, saw this on the dyntopo thread too.
Anyway that’s amazing, just got to love it!

I missed this thread,
Excellent sculpting! A *5

Thank you! now i have a stars! that does it mean? only mark of good work or possibility to go on gallery?

excellent! like it~

Really good work. The lighting seems a little flat though.

wow! really great dyntopo sculpting!

Great anime with tentacles work. I like especially the small details like the texture on bra, bracelets/necklace/earrings and of course tentacles. And the expression is so funny! Well done!

Possibly I’d agree on more light but you get the picture as is. To be honest it’s quite novel since I have connected this style of character with more vivid color representation, such as done in anime.

Can you post this model on ??

Next step, add more light!

Very good modeling!
I too would love to see a color version


Looks great