Merrio Xmas!

A very ‘Merrio’ Xmas and a great 2013!

Love it!

It’s a great idea and.

Ha ha, that’s great!

Thank you!

lol nice concept… :slight_smile:

Absolute YES!
I like it.
I’d say to add some green “pixels” on the gift box to make it look pixelated and feel like it belongs there more.

Thanks guys, much appreciated!

Minecraft? I like it. =)

Hehe funny image. I never knew how 2d games look like in 3d :3

Cool idea :smiley:

Hey, nice one , merry bumpy boxy christmas to you too.

Muchas gracias! I’ve created more 3D interpretations of old school 2D games, you can find them here.

Having playing a lot of Super Mario U recently, this is an awesome sight. Great idea and execution.

Hahahahha! Awesome! I love it! nice job capturing the distorted TV look! excellent!

yes great concept and render.

Thanks a lot guys, much appreciated! A great new year to you all.

cool idea btw have a great new year :slight_smile:

Thanks, and the best wishes back to you!

Kind of a mix between the first Mario, Santa Claus and Minecraft, i love it! :slight_smile:
I am too late, so happy new year instead. ^^

Merci beaucoup, et bonne année!