Merry Chrismtas to all

and happy Cuby-got-a-new-hat day!!

we should all pitch in to get jeepster a shovel. :wink:

why thank you:D :smiley:
how thoughtful:)
(christmas starts in 44 minutes!!)

then he remembered! blender can make all things.

not the best, but merry christmas anyways. :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas everyone!!! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I thought that Cuby should get to enjoy christmas too, so even though he doesn’t get presents, at least he gets to wear a Santa Hat!

I think I’ll give Cuby something special every special occasion from now on actually.

Merry Christmas again.

Merry Xmas everyone from Dave! (me)
hope the weather was better than it was here eh Cuby haha

Merry Christmas and give peace a chance.

MERRY CHRISTMAS AGAIN!!! I’m not Christian but I still celebrate Christmas just because its fun XD…


MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Screw political correctness, I’m celebrating the holidays the Christian way. Oh, and ignore Koba the Scrooge over there :smiley: