Merry Christmas 2007 Everyone

I just threw something together to tell everyone Merry Christmas…
5 hours of work, 10 minute render with internal blender.
Illustration done in Blender with some post work done in Photoshop CS2…

I like the snow. The gingerbread man needs to be smoothed out though.

Thank You and Yea i know. Like i said, i just through it together real fast to just get out before christmas…The snow took me the longest for how many layers of textures i had to use…

the snow to me looks like Foam…but i still like it =0

You made that snow?? I thought you just used that material that someone posted in here sometime ago and everyones been recycling. Well congrats then on achieving some nice fluffy looking snow.

Could you possibly share the material with us???

I’ve got some hosting if you need to post a .blend. PM if you’re interested and I’ll send you my email. :wink:

(If I’m correct…)

I think this is the same material than this one has:

( )

But anyway, pretty good looking(except I hate gingerbread man nowadays :stuck_out_tongue: )

Actually this is my snow, but i did use the voronoi chebychev texture from hafunui :yes: which gave me the glitter i was looking for in the snow… is a great place to see how to put it together :D, but it seemed too wet looking to me which is actually more realistic, but i was looking for more of a illustrated look rather then a realism look and let me tell you that was harder then i thought because i had to start from almost scratch with the lighting and textures :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you again for all your comments
P.S. eaglebreath, i hate the gingerbread man anymore also but my kids and wife wanted it so i put it in…i think it is used way to much myself…i actually did that gingerbread man 4 years ago when i started using blender…

Cute. I love the snow. Merry Christmas to all!

what is reflected in the xmas ball on the right? looking at the other two you’ll not see that reflection. Looks like a school room with the lights and the “chalk board”.

snow looks styrofomy nice =3

I dont know what happened there… i used an old material for that one and i believe that was the standard reflect back in the old models of blender…oh well, its just a merry x-mas to everyone anyways…hope everyone has a safe christmas and new years…

nice texture…howed you get it (snow) .blend mabe?