Merry Christmas 2017 | Rock On Baby!

Hello blenderheads!
In the spirit of Christmas and all of the exciting new features coming to us in Blender, especially with 2.8 on the horizon, I chose to put together a digital Christmas card this year, generating a 3D scan of my 9 month old daughter and animating/rendering the scenes using many of the 2.79 view-port features and “hacks” ( I was planning on using EEVEE, but it does not yet support armatures) . After the scenes finished rendering using the GLSL viewport renderer, I composited the footage in After Effects. Seamless, quick workflow. Over 5,555 frames and less that a second to render per frame. I’m loving it!
So without further ado, Merry Christmas and ROCK ON baby!

very nice !love it

Thank you for watching! Glad you enjoyed it! Merry Christmas!

A few more details here:

hahahaha so good! my first time ever looking in animations section and i am finding some of the wierdest and most creative stuff i’ve seen brilliant haha!

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Ha! This reminds me of those commercials with the babies, for Evian, I think it is. Awesome job! Loving the band name, lol :wink:

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