Merry Christmas (ecard), Congrats (ecard), Ghoul Fest (game)

Somthing I thought to make while viewing some mushy sappy ecards wishing holiday cheer.
Merry Christmas (ecard)
flash, 175kb
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Here is another ecard me and Thoro created awhile back using the Big Boss character.
Congratulations (ecard)
flash, 350kb
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Here is a game me and Chimpoid were working on awhile back too (i rendered the character actions and background, chimpoid did everything else). Directions- keep the skulls off the ground using jumps and kicks, us arrow keys to play (up arrow jump, left and right arrows move, down arrow kick)
Ghoul Fest (game, not complete)
flash, 285kb
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How do you do that uv-anim? I think you told me once, but I cant remember. You make it with alpha textures?

Hey - finally a christmas ecard I dare to send to my friends ;).

The first boozy scruffy Santa Claus I saw was Dan Aykroyd in ‘Trading Places’… great.

Always a treat dude.


i thought this thread was gone, ahhhhhhhhhhhh :smiley: :smiley:

Falgor- i just render in blender, and import the stills into flash. then crop the heads and paste them onto a headless still render of the character. then using flash swap the correct head for the voice. it is a bit hard to explain, but if you have been using flash you have a better chance of knowing what in the world iam talking about :smiley:

thoro- it is more of a family ecard then a friend ecard, haha. or at least family you dont ever want to talk to again. funny movie by the way. enjoy your holidays dude! by the way that congratulations ecard is still on of the best! i laugh everytime i watch it…and you are ugly, hahaha!

BgDM- hey, glad you found it funny, haha, it is a bit brutal for most people i think, just an extreme example of my poor humor, haha, have a great holiday season dude!! get your kids somthing great!!! :smiley: