Merry Christmas

(acasto) #1

Hey, I’ve been sitting around adjusting the last week, so I thought I would throw something together. This image is almost completely blender, the only thing not is the image used for the bark texture on the tree trunk. Other than that, it’s all blender. I know there is some problems, but at over 1.3 mil verts, I can let some slide. I’m also going to be working on a few other scenes now that I have the tree constructed.

or the HI-RES version

(Jolly Gnome) #2

Looks nice, especially the tree. However, you shouldn’t have bothered with the trunk texture, as it isn’t very visible… stucci-bm and cloudtex would’ve done it :slight_smile:
But great picture anyway. How did you do the lights in the snowman?

(acasto) #3

Hey, thanks for the comments. I’m not real sure actually on the snowman, I just play around with the settings until it looks about right. But what I know I did is I made it, then copied the body and scaled a copy down a little so it was inside the first. Then made the first more transparent than the second. Turned up the ‘emit’ on the second. Put halos in the body sections, then place lamps in them with very low settings. Maybe that’ll help a bit.

Here’s a close up of my needle sections on the pinetree.

(kEinStein) #4

Wow! Pretty cool! :smiley: Yeah! That’s christmas! I hope this will be a white christmas again also over here (but not that much snow like last year - that was far too much! All the trees got knocked down…)…

(acasto) #5

I made some decent Christmas desktop backgrounds with this image. I made some space on the left for icons and added the wording. Let me know if you have any comments on it.




(wewa_juicyb) #6

I like it a lot. I especially like the lights in the tree, I was wondering if you could maybe make the snow man shed some more light so that we can see more of your tree. And maybe add some more colour to the lamp-lighting in your image? I love the snow/floor you made, it looks really nice.


(acasto) #7

Ok, here’s a little lighter version. I slightly turned up the lamps distances and intensities.

or the HI-RES version

(acasto) #8

Here’s also a frost/snow version I just did that some might be interested in.

or the HI-RES version

(digitalSlav) #9

damn that rocks the socks man! i sell those inflatable snowmen and i can’t keep them on the shelf! awesome i love the lighter version - the tree sparkles!

(GemaRastem) #10

I really like the snowcovered version, really nice, makes you get that warm christmassy feeling. :slight_smile:

(S68) #11

Very cool

I expecially like the last (snow covered) one


(basse) #12

wow… at first it looked a little flat and dark… but the last picture shows a great progress… the frosted one (last pic sofar) is definetely the best… it’s balanced, looks detailed and … there is a nice xmas feeling to it…

about the snowman… hmm… i dont know if you wanted it like that , but it kind of looks like it’s air filled balloon -man… not snow… there is light inside it, and it’s hollow?


(acasto) #13

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

Yeah, I needed some sort of decent outside light source, without putting one of those out-door spotlights on it. So I went with the cheap light-up yard snowman. But yeah, it’s supposed to look like that. If that was what I considered snow, I would hope someone would stop me from blending ever again :wink:

(Enos Shenk) #14

Man thats some great work. The only thing is, the ground snow is very shiny almost like frost, which brings up interesting possibilities like doing a water-reflection style envmap on the ground.