Merry Christmas!

Well i wanted to make a Christmas Card this year and this is what i came up with. They actually dont look too bad printed. Anyways here is the way it looks on the card.

and a HighResVersion with out the text.

I am so steeling this.

I love this pic. It just sets the season right.

Excellent job, mate!


Great stuff Ultra X!

The only minor things (and this is being really picky) are that the lamp isn’t casting any shadows, and the snow flake makes it look like the snowmans hand is broken and floating.

How did you do the trees? They look brilliant. Any post production work, or is it all Blender?

THanks guys for replies and comments. You may steal it as much as you want :P.

Arnie: The trees are custom made :P. I painted the texture in gimp, i painted the sky in gimp as well aswell as the white border and text. Everything else is blender. I can show you the texture if you want it.

Sure post it up here! Always interesting to know the ‘behind the scenes’.

Ok dont expect too much it was a quick painting. But anybody can use this if they want. Click Here for Texture.

That is a very cheerful image, very well done. :smiley:

Nice image! I love those snowflakes. They’re awesome. :smiley: Merry Christmas to y’all!

Thanks again for the replies, and i hope you all have a very nice Christmas

Sending it to my friends right now. :smiley:

Yes very nice picture. I’m definatly putting that on a card cause I’m not good enough with blender to do something really nice like that yet. Thanks for letting us use it :smiley: .

excellent work, you keep saying it was a rushed work, but it looks amazing, so i was wondering how long it actually took you, cause i know that when working on a big project not long can mean 30min, or 3hours. good job, no crits

This is the only (Sorry if I offend somebody) good made christmas card made in Blender I’ve seen this year!
Very good!

Thanks again for replies :slight_smile: Glad you are enjoying the image, Um Superman i meant i rushed painting the textures for the pinetree and the sky/background. The image overall took alot longer then it should have about 20hours…i did alot of trial and error of different backgrounds and different lighting and etc…