Merry Christmas!

Something I’ve been working on today :slight_smile: Blender and Yafray, with static particles for the tinsel and yafray’s DoF.

Hope you enjoy, and merry christmas (or whatever you may or may not celebrate at this time of the year).



Very pleasant to look at. I really don’t see anything wrong here at first glance.

Maybe the DOF in the front is a little strong but that’s pretty much it.

awesome mayn!

The foil garland is my favorite. It looks realistic, and it looks like it’s some work to make it.

It looks like a photograph. Are you sure you haven’t cheated? Can you post a wireframe? Excellent work!

Thanks everyone :smiley:

Yes I can prove it :wink:


Great work man! If you gave it a little bit of more contrasty post-processing, it would be even cooler!

But still awesome!

That’s impressive. How did you make the garland look so real?