Merry CHRISTmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

very kool. Good job… you did a good job on the caps to the bulbs too, i just did not have enough time to do mine…I would do without the blur though…It looks to much like a picture instead of a illustration…

Thank you! Maybe I’ll see what it looks like without the DoF. I liked yours too. Especially the snow.

That is some pretty noisy blur. But I like the reflection. It’s simple, and in someways too simple, but I think it works. :wink:

Nice work. The tree material seems a little less…treey than it should, but the image looks good anyways.

very realistic:)
the tree particles annoy me tho

Lol the title to this topic made me laugh for a sec, “merry CHRISTmas” =3
btw nice lil orb thingies.

Well, I don’t know about realistic. It seems to me that the environment is to simple. If I had a whole room with furniture and everything the reflections would look great! It would also take forever to render on my old computer…

I wrote Christmas that way to show the reason that I celebrate Christmas. It’s because Christ came to earth for us. I hope and pray that if you haven’t already accepted him as your savior that he will make himself real to you and you will see him as he is.:slight_smile:

Thanks for all the comments everyone!