Merry Christmas!

Okay, many of you say Christmas gets earlier every year. The earliest was early October/late September I think. That’s stupid. But merry Christmas to all!
I want a… Macbook Pro. That would be nice, or a Mac Mini with a massive display for Blendering.
What do you want this year? 2.5? A new graphics card? A trip to Hawaii? GE refraction? Super powers? Me to stop asking questions? Alright.


Happy winter solstice!

It’s not winter yet…:no:
or that maybe depends on where you live:spin:

Cool I’ll send your pressies to you on christmas day.I’ll try not to damage them in the chimney.

No, it’s not winter anywhere. The southern hemisphere is in spring.

It’s not winter yet, but it’s close. In Colorado it has probably been snowing since October. It hasn’t snowed here yet… :frowning:

I looked at the world temperature map forecast and there’s a big chilldown coming in Canada, Kansas lies below the line where the cold air will start to pool. Freezing temps now also cover all of the part of Russia that borders the Arctic Ocean. A big cold front sweeped cold air all the way down to Florida with Orlando’s forecast high today to only be 62.

Yep I’d say the signs of Winter are here, considering this may also be a cold one too, we’re being spared the big chilldown so far as the coldest air pooled in the eastern half of the country, but it will be coming.

Yup… 30’s in November in Florida! Who knew! Cold winter ahead.
Hope you southerners have a great summer!

You seem to have cold weather, it’s supposed to be 60’s here tomorrow, then again, the city paper said 58 today and Intellicast had to revise it all the way down to 49, I even dressed for mild weather:eek:

We were supposed to be warmer today than yesterday, instead it’s cooler, the warm temps. must’ve stayed further to the west than they thought.

Of course, it was in the 90’s last Thursday or Friday. :no: No trusting the weather.:no:

What did the weather ever do to you? (j/k)

So, what do you guys want this year?

I want a pony!
(just kidding)
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for my families wii.

Religious content!.. in before the lock!

Hmmm… for Christmas? Nothing. But for Hanukkah, I want a lot! :rolleyes: Tony Mullen and Roland Hess’ new books, a Blender T-shirt, clothes, clothes, more clothes, shoes, shoes, more shoes, fancy coffee, a video camera, a website…:wink:

Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes are we?
Fine, what do you want for Hannukah, Christmas, or any other alternative I don’t know about?
I just said Christmas because it is the most widely mentioned.

Or we can say and talk about Christmas without getting into religion, like presents, christmas lights, and santas.:eyebrowlift:

Anyway, as it gets closer I will probably post that Christmas light show video again and some copycats it inspired.