Merry Xmas

(bg3D) #1

Well, I posted this alot in #blenderchat
…guess we’ll see… just pluggin away… was looking at the wall in the bathroom one night and I “saw something”…

Merry Xmas

P.S. “pluggin away” pun intended and I know this could somehow be related to xmas… like: xmas lights on the tree or something :wink:

(Appolonius) #2

Wow! Great work Bg3D… :smiley: Thats where i do most of my thinking also :smiley:

(Gr8RedShark) #3

Hahahaha! that was pretty cool, man! i like i like…

yeah i know what you mean about “seeing things”… i’ve “seen things” too, but not usually as funny as scary or just weird and it often takes a lot of, ahem, substances… :wink:

(kaktuswasse) #4

hahaha, thats so funny.

(rogerm3d) #5

Great, blah blah blah, love it , blah so forth :smiley: :smiley:
but you allready know that from blenderchat.
I dont know what to suggest on it, cause its great :slight_smile: