Merry Xmas

Hi to all I’m Matteo from Italy
this is my first thread but is some month that I read this forum
very good!

so Merry Xmas to all

ooooh this is my first image with Blender :smiley:


Hey hey!

I like the style of this santa :slight_smile:

Good stuff!

wow It is great :smiley: I like it a lot

Thanks for the comments.:smiley:

muahahahah nice man! haha love the style. You a VERY talentet newbie. wow man. Thats a very good start… still smiling over it… 5 stars!!! hahaha :smiley: :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Nice, I love the style. Its simple yet effective! I would love to see something like this animated…Keep up the great work and welcome to the forums!


hey that a really cute character. do rudolf!

thanks you to all Folks
and happy new year!