Mervin - UV mapping exercise.

Another free model, this time from the Z modeler website, with some of my own mesh modifications.

Textures from Total Textures Alien Organics CD,

1 colour map
1 bump map
1 displacement map
1 specular map
Wardiso shaders with 50% translucency

Didn’t realise how bad the eyes are, wrong mapping, should have been UV flat not sphere. :expressionless:

Variant with procedural shader for the rings.

C&C welcome,


ps Sorry for my sporadic and under par work at the moment, had a few months away from 3d for a change and I am using these exercises to get back into it again. Computer crashes every 30secs to 7 mins at the moment too, so trying to upgrade once I’ve finished buying modifications for my car. %|

looks good. i think the ears look alittle flat or somthing. also how do you do displacement map. and what exactly does it do?

Looking good! No crits here!

well, seeing as this is a uv mapping exercise, you can see seams on the lips, and it’s too symmetrical, maybe add some dirt or blemishes, something to break it up especially with the black dots there, the disp map doesn’t seem to have worked too well, if you are using the original one, of course now that i look at it it might be the lighting taking away some of the detail.the bump looks good though.

I’m gunna be dead honest with you and say the first word that came to my mind: awful.
It may just be the texture, but it looks revolting. Or maybe its just that its a huge resolution. I don’t know. But something about that texture needs to be changed.
The modelling is fine though.

Hey Sonix, looks really good. I think this test worked out nice. Except for the eyes perhaps, perhaps you could post a render with the eyes fixed. (They look kinda fun this way too btw :P)

Btw, don’t you agree he’ll have a lot of trouble talking with that ring in his lip…

UV mapping can be very difficult, so I appreciate the challenge you faced and met very well here Sonix.

Sorry to hear about your computer! Have you scanned it for spyware? If not recently, you might want to go to and check out freely available titles like Ad-Aware and Spybot Search & Destroy. You can also get a free online virus check over at A virus/spyware/malware could cause repeated system crashes and rebooting.

I hope you get that fixed soon and get back to blending more frequently!