where can i get this for windows? I dont know how to compile source code so the one from sourceforge isnt helping. I have a geforce mx440 card but it doesnt support the shadow feature in realtime from tuhopuu 2. Also if any one knows, where can i find teh latest build for tuhopuu? for windows. I have 1 I just want to know if its the same. I got it from the tuhopuu muscle topic in tetsing builds form on blender Thanks

bah, didn’t you see the link in both of the threads on realtime shadows in tuhopuu2?

you will also need:
avaliable at:

I may rebuild that mesa dll today, in the hopes it will not need that file [and will be smaller…]

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I forgot to mention that that dll doesn’t support glsl [shaders]

thanks man. 1 quick one though. where do i put both dll’s? windows system, or somewhere in my blender folder? thanks. Im just not real famiiar with it, Ive never heard of it.

I put them in my blender folder

technically to use them they must be in your path, so putting them in your windows directory will also work but will make opengl games unplayable

so, as the current working directory is part of the path [in windows], you just need to put them there. when you run blender from the shortuct [or double-clicking the executable] that should be the blender directory, however when you double-click a .blend that might not be the case [iirc it will be the directory of the .blend]

well, I uploaded a new [smaller!] build, same source

I haven’t tested it at all though [I probably should do that]

hopefully it doesn’t have the requirement of msvcrtd.dll