Mesh add column...

I was working on a scene/model and got tired of replicating and modifying cylinders to make columns. Thought I’d try to automate the process. After some trial-and-error started over and basically hijacked the add-worm-gear features with some modifications.

Not ready for anyone else to use yet, just getting started. Need to work out UI options for basic settings, add base and capital options, etc.

General description:
Create a column for use as an architectural element in a scene. Basically a glorified cylinder/cube.

A column consists of three elements; base, shaft, and capital. They can be square or round, straight or tapered. The base and capital are optional.

The shaft may be fluted and twisted.

Only one column is created, at the current 3D cursor, expecting the user to duplicate and place as needed.

This script is based on features from add_mesh_gears.

Anyway, thought I’d ask if there was any real interest in this as an add-on. If so will polish and submit to projects/bf-extensions for consideration.

PS - I’m going to put some limits on the parameters to prevent being same as worm-gear, that would just be silly. Though some of the extremes make for interesting objects.

— original post above — updates follow —

Notes and link to script available at Source now in contrib, anyone interested can download using SVN -

Current version is 0.11; fluting “works”, code cleanup, fixed taper for negative radius, more base/capital styles, added width parameter for base and capital. Still fairly simple but able to create some nice looking columns with current features.

like too but if done to a high level of preicsion to be used for architecture

meaning lot’s of work ahead!

i can give you some details for the different general type of standard classical architectural columns!

happy 2.5

As soon as I can get back to edit option for wiki you can review notes and comment there :slight_smile:

or here…

well there is also the tuscan and composite column!

are you following the vitruvian module for classical architecture
i mean for the dark ages or medieval period !

are you going to do the classical architraves also ?

cornice = soffit + corona + cymatium
entablur = architrave + frieze + cornice

anything about old egyptian columns ?

i already done some models for theses
i can show a pic if you want too!

but there is also a version for the modern columns but not certain what the dimensions are now a day!

hope to see your script soon
will be very usefull to design old or modern buildings

thanks and happy 2.5

That’s mostly texture… will do when can but focused on geometry for now. Trying to do more than tube with base and cap.

K, sorry, to be serious. Intend to make basic columns, (glorified cylinders) and add base (simple) and capitals (ornate). Once I get that done… someday, will add extras… what, you never seen an architrave with metopes? Expect this to turn into “temple” if anyone can help :slight_smile:

PS- did you go to the link for info? Feedback is appreciated.

we did a good multi level menu when we did the light set up wizard
you could use this for menu selection in your script
i can prepare you a basic script for this let me know!

i already done something for classical architecture for the molding parts in 2.49
but need to port it to 2.5 and it should began soon on that one this might help you

do you have a lot of experiencd with python?

happy 2.5

Not much python experience - did some work on Masonry script updates for 2.5; still need to do some polish to finalize that. Maybe DudeCon will get back on it to wrap it up or I might get to it for cleanup and final features. But I’ve been programming for a long time, just a different language.

Anyway - got basic UI done to make column, will be adding base and capital next. Meta-Androcto is having a look at it and I’m sure he’ll have some comments and suggestions.

As noted user/design notes can be viewed at You can also the retrieve “latest” script from there too (text doc, rename to py for use with Blender). This is only temporary until enough functionality implemented for approval to include with Blender (contrib) and able to edit wiki again.

well i began working on the Moldings script and should be ready by next week
but use the menu like pipe script using the add menu on top header

i did some pic/ model for many classical colums can show later on!

but don’t know how you gone do the ionic capital 3D and if you will include the acanthus leaves as models for the corinthian capital
these are difficult to do and high res

can’t wait to see what you come up with
should be interesting addons

good luck
happy 2.5

Stuck trying to get flutes worked out right. Changed from flag to “counter”. In trying to get proper distribution running into some “what should be simple logic” problems. Obviously I need to take a refresher course in basic math but hoping someone can help…

Basically, using the “number of faces” divided by the number of flutes to determine modulo for when to generate a flute. As long as faces is an even multiple of flutes works fine. Tried truncation, rounding, using floats… each has it’s own problems, no clean solution. I suppose I could just “count” each flute and accumulate a running total to compare with current face but trying to be clever (that never works).

    if flutes: # set modulo/flag for doing flutes...
        fluteFaces = c_faces / flutes
        fluteFaces = 0
            if fluteFaces and not faceCnt % fluteFaces: # making "flutes", and due a flute?

thoughts, suggestions, solutions appreciated.

NVM - decided to brute force the procedure and just make faces be nearest multiple of flutes (round down) rather than trying to calculate GCM (greatest common multiplier) for all options.

    if flutes: # set working faces and modulo/flag for doing flutes...
        c_faces -= c_faces % flutes
        fluteFaces = c_faces / flutes

Updated (custom) wiki and script for download if anyone is interested. V 0.3…

tested your script

flute is squarrish is it possible to make a more smoother flute?
or at least have an option for this using subsurf may be
i know the flutting migth change from greek to roman architecture!

see models i did here!



thanks & happy 2.5

Thanks for having a look at the script. Definitely going to round/smooth out the fluting - just got the right “numbering” done yesterday :slight_smile:

After I add the base, or maybe before I finish that, depends on how tricky that winds up being, will modify flute to be curved (variable).

Not likely today, maybe tomorrow - that will be v 0.4…

I know the resolution and lighting sucks but came across an interesting result with some of the parameters for add-column. Will definitely have to discuss with Meta-Androcto; realize many options duplicate other scripts (especially primitives, just not same controls).

Note: Sorry, not sure why image sometimes appears and sometimes doesn’t… may go for external link instead of inline, load, as per forum options.[t]=218381&contenttypeid=1&poststarttime=1305685103&posthash=63bc47eb17146abe362f43c732118012&insertinline=1

Not to be talking to myself, but I did update (custom) wiki with more details and graphics. It’s a mess, but a good mess, so I think. The “sawtooth” effect is an attempt at rounding the flutes… not totally successful yet, but thought it a useful result so copied and renamed function for future reference.

On a side-note; seems that this needs to merge, work with, consolidate, or otherwise become one, with the “Extras” add-on set of meshes. Meta-Androcto may have something to say about that. But, appears to be a good chance to get input on UI options and “direct select” vs. “parameter input” to create basic objects. For instance… there is an “Add>>Mesh>>Cone” feature. This script can easily make a cone, just set the parameters for it… too cumbersome.

What I’m asking about, and if feasible will integrate, a simple UI that uses the same script to create several different objects with the “expected” options, such as set location and/or rotation, not currently provided by all “add-ons”.

Hope that makes sense and thanks for any feedback.

i got many pics i collected over time for this subject
if you need any let me know
i have some example for greek and roman time period!
i already done some capitals like ionic corinthian composite
with one having the acanthus leaves but this one is really high res !

i even have done the whole thing column with the beam at top with freeze and at bpttom the floor in 3 layers ect…
it’s a lot of work and would like to see this in a script would make life easier i guess!LOL

happy 2.5

If you have a gallery of models I’d like to see them. I’m just at the point where I’ll be adding those and thinking some will be procedural but others like the capital with acanthus leaves will be models added to the mesh; though I’m not sure how that might work yet.

for columns alone i got this summary pic here

as you can see for the ionic one there are 2 types

still trying to get where i got the whole entablure with columns
but i’ll find it soon

but you can probably find this in the wikipedia pages
there are a lot of pages on classical architectures
and also some other very good English or French sites

the composite and even the ionic are high res
not certain if it is possible to make a math model for these
or may be a primitive from model in blender!

i also did some old egyptian column like this


happy 2.5

[ATTACH=CONFIG]141411[/ATTACH]here are a building top with column i did

happy 2.5

[ATTACH=CONFIG]141453[/ATTACH]here are 2 pic i jsut found giving a lot of details for columns

happy 2.5

Version 0.7 is available - ready for general use but still basic. Need to add more styles for base and capital, and fix flutes. Once that’s done, will make version 1.0 and be ready for some serious feedback on usage and additional options to improve the script. As it stands, you can do quite a lot, even the basic models can be used to expedite making “fancy” columns.

See original post for link/notes on latest version.

In process of updating (custom) wiki with images to show example results - still fiddling with layout so don’t be surprised when it changes . Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

After adding the base and capital options almost ready to give this up as too simple. Might just create a “spin-doctor” script that makes columns (shapes/objects) out of predefined vertex lists. The only advantage here is being able to separate the three elements… base, shaft, capital. Aside from that, and flutes, can’t see any real difference between “vertex profile” being “spun” to make object and how this works.

If I develop a collection of predefined “profiles” that are handy, or the community contributes, that may be worth pursuing, but thinking this may be a dead-end.

Not done yet, will finish project, just not expecting it to be much more than the current implementation with some finishing touches.