mesh advances ahead of the rig when posing

I created a human character and followed one of David Wards tuts on rigging. I then weight painted it out. Everything is weighted to the right bones and that part works great. So far so good. My problem comes up when I try to pose the model. The mesh moves in advance of the rig. This isn’t a huge problem until you try pose the head. The eye bones are parented to the head bone and the eyes stay with eye bones but the head moves in advance of the rig leaving the eyes behind. Any thoughts? Or, if this has been answered and I missed it please point me to the thread.

Check to make sure you have only one Armature modifier in your stack, Sometimes you can end up with more than one through duping, etc., and if they are both acting on the mesh, it multiplies the vertex motion. If more than one, delete the extra(s).

Excellent dude!!! You nailed it. I had two armatures. As soon as I got rid of the extra one the rig worked perfect. Many thanks and I’ll hoist a pint to you.