mesh aggregator

Hi, this is a simplistic aggregator that works with meshes as particles. Selected objects are randomly placed in a ‘cloud’ around cursor, then snapped to closest point of Active Object, and merged. You won’t see this process, only the final mesh with all particles aggregated. Try changing the cloud volume and shape, also particles scale and rotation, and obviously the cursor position…

There are two ways script merges the data at the moment, one keeps materials and selections but messes up faces indexes, the other keeps faces ordered so you can later animate the aggregation with a Build modifier. Some tips:

> keep particles very low poly
> maybe make them have their origin at lowest Z point
> move cursor and edit volume settings as structure grows
> normals orientation method is good for more regular branches
> remember to apply transformations to base object first!

This makes use of new closest_point_on_mesh method so thanks truman and devs…

thread in blenderheads

Animating with a Build Modifier:


Looks nice, I can’t wait to try it out.

Cool, this is awesome!

cool! thankyou!

cool script

Dang, it looks like bMesh release broke this script too. It references faces instead of polygons and no longer exists in the API.