Mesh Align Plus, News/Announcements

Very cool, I am sharing this asap to get the word out

I very like your addon, this is much more better align than in my CAD application.

This seems far more granular than what I tend to want to do. For my purposes, Align by Faces (also an addon), is mostly what I need.

When that doesn’t work, or I need more, more control, (and it looks like, with more control, comes more complexity), Mesh Align Plus would be my goto tool.

Seems confusing because “mesh” can be a vertex (vertices), a face (faces), or an edge (edges). And as such, maybe it’s me, your tool seems a little unclear in that regard.

Looking at how vertices align based on the examples I’ve seen here, wasn’t what I was expecting.

Align by Faces was what I was thinking would happen.

Seems, like some extra mental effort is involved if “Align by Faces” is what’s preferred.

Again, maybe I missed it. I didn’t quite see a clear, straightforward example of that.

Other than that, looks quite powerful and versatile as long as you understand how it works and why.


Looks like there’s more info (and gifs) on this at your GitHub.

Helps to spell it out a little more clearly.


To be clear (since there is more than one location), here’s where I found my answer:

I’m just discovering this because the update post brought it to the ‘front’ again. Which made me wonder: Couldn’t there be a place on BA where a person could go to see a list of announcement threads like this about addons, important insights into Blender or what-have-you? Someone new to Blender—or someone returning after a long hiatus, like me—could easily overlook such a powerful addon because it’s buried.

Food for thought for the BA admins? Or perhaps the thread system doesn’t support this kind of thing?

It’s good to hear when people find your tool useful, thanks for posting Craig Jones, jachtarfranko, rontarrant.

Unkerjay, I updated the reference manual on the wiki to explain more about how Quick Align Planes (face to face alignment) works (Answer is that selection order of verts determines the final orientation of the planes, where the first 3 selected define points A, B and C. B is a pivot, and A determines how the target is rotated after coplanar alignment. So, if you want two similar things oriented the same way, grab in the same order/handedness):

About the name, the word Mesh is supposed to refer to Mesh Objects as well as actual Mesh Data. It’s difficult to fit everything into a name that is descriptive, accurate and catchy!

If there are other things that I can help explain about how things works or why, please ask questions because I’d be happy to answer them. I spent a long time on the rewrite and GIF’ening the wiki/manual on github, so if you haven’t read that yet then hopefully you will find the information there helpful (the wiki home page especially):

Reviving the existing news thread to make an announcement:

New v0.5.0 release is out! Install notes are here. Check out the in-depth discussion thread for more info in the released scripts subforum here.

Blender 2.80 compatibility, a new face-alignment option (and default behavior!) for “Align Planes” and a NEW INSTALL PROCESS are the big headlines with this version of Mesh Align Plus (free and open source as always!). The addon has now moved to the 3D View > N panel as well.


What a life saver this add-on is!

And it’s even more flexible than the last one I used for 2.79 (it was called “precise align” and it was years and years out of date but I kept holding on to it).

Super happy surprise to search and suddenly find this now that I’ve switched to 2.8. This should be included with Blender by default. Fantastic design! Wonderful job.


Thanks! If you’d like to share thoughts about features for future releases, they’re always welcome…

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I do actually:


(I’m second guessing myself now, but I think I want to keep the mesh in place and only move the origin and the object’s local axes. Maybe this is already possible, and if so, I apologize, but it’s not immediately clear how to me. This would at least be an UI improvement from my point of view.)

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Maybe a quick option to put a face of the object “on the floor” (XYZ=0, face normal pointing to -z). this way it’d be easier to rearrange misaligne objects on a scene.
It’d also be very useful when dealing with models for 3d printing or scanned objects

I wonder if the align function could be possible without going into edit mode like maya’s Snap together tool. It would make the tool much more intuitive and accessible.

Did development on on this add-on stop?

I’m having a few issues with seemingly random rotation applied when I align lines/planes which are already aligned in one axis (and its that already aligned axis that instead of retaining its rotation gets a new random one, forcing a second align to correct this).

Also, Undo seems to stop working randomly…

Development is still going, though lately I haven’t had time. I’m going to check the current 2.80 Beta API changes which broke the addon now.

I read your note about adding an ‘origin’ mode to all the transforms, it sounds like a good idea so it’s on my TODO list for the future.

If you have a bug to report, either post a short description or make a github issue and I’ll look into it (the issue you’re describing possibly might not be a bug, depending on what you’re trying to do…).


Here’s what I’m encountering:

  1. I select the source line

2. I select a destination line which is already aligned in all but one axis

3. When I apply, my object gets flipped in two axises (note the pivot is on the right now)!

4. When I select “flip direction” and then apply again, a random rotation gets applied

At this point, I now must do a plane align as well (and then rotate it back 180 degrees).

When I have 20 of these to do, I get pretty grumpy when the random rotation happens. :slight_smile:

But I still do it, because without your add-on, I wouldn’t be able to do this in Blender at all!

egtwobits release a new version yesterday:

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There’s an error when i try to deactivate the addon.

Maybe because the unregister part is missing the special to context menu change that register has.

Yeah you’re right, that was a dumb mistake! Just pushed a fix, and am drafting a release right now. Thanks @CansecoGPC


One more suggestion from me:

I can’t grab the 3d cursor or even an empty object for the “quick align points” destination. That would be a nice feature to have. :innocent:

You should be able to grab the 3d cursor now by expanding (clicking the little triangle next to) the source point or destination point (which opens the geometry editing options for that point), and clicking the grab from cursor button.

I CAN potentially add shortcuts that do this, so that it isn’t necessary to expand the source/dest…(similar to the normal grabbing shortcuts on Align Lines source and dest).

I think the only way to grab the position of an object or empty now is to select the object, snap cursor to object, and do the above. Thoughts?

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