Mesh Align Plus (now v0.3.0)


(wuren) #21

Big thanks your hard works! Cheer!

(juliushibert) #22

Doesn’t seem to be working in Blender 2.79. The addon wont install and show in User Prefs>Addons.

I’ve tried using the latest 0.4 version of Mesh Align Plus.

(egtwobits) #23

Are you using the .py file from the releases page? The folder/zip will not work (has to be the .py file). PM me if you need more help.

(Mauzz) #24

Can I use this or adapt it in some way to create a scenario builder within the game in BGE ???, it would be very useful to be able to use a fragment of the simple and small code to be able to align vertices to create rooms or roads, or constructions

(egtwobits) #25

It has a standard GPL license, so yeah, do with it whatever you like! :slight_smile: I’ll be around if you want to chat about it.

(melvi) #26

Thanks a lot, mate

(juliushibert) #27

Thanks. I was trying to install it via the zip file. It now works perfectly.

(egtwobits) #28

^The first (WIP) 2.8 compatibility update is out now for Mesh Align Plus. Grab it here (save as on the py file, install or run contents as normal):

More to come later…maybe start contemplating the future?

(Sukkalgir) #29

Just found this addon after trying to implement some of it’s functionality myself. Absolutely fantastic feature set, thank you so much for your hard work.

Any chance the addon could be included in the default blender addon set in the future?

(egtwobits) #30

Thanks Sukkalgir! A number of people have asked me about bundling the addon with Blender. I would like to, I just need to talk to the core Blender maintainers/devs more to see if it’s possible (I’ve had a few quick conversations so far, but no definite answer).

My plan is to do some additional work on this version (mostly refactoring), and do another release tailored specifically for 2.8, then think about a newer/redesigned version of the tool (with better/different features) for the future. If you have any ideas for future features, or other notes, please share :>

(Alexander) #31

Man, this tools just amazing, great work! I recently moved to blender and I really like it but I used to work with 100% precision and I miss C4D workplanes, your script may be a kind of substitute this missed functionality.
Please keep it alive, it’s so useful. I think you should place it on Gumroad for an x bucks:)

I have one question, I don’t know if it is something real but can you make a pivot placement script with such a precision as you do in Mesh Align Plus, maybe Pivot Align Plus:)?
Here what I’m talking about Pivot/Gizmo/LocalOrigin rotation to the selection/Custom script? + other pivot alignment options