Mesh all messed up in xna


First let me apologize if I posted in the wrong area.

My mesh is all messed up when I import a model into XNA. I am using the .fbx exporter made for XNA and it looks fine in Maya and 3ds max (except for a couple (3) vertexs out of the mesh, which I will fix). However when I import it into XNA I get the attached image.

Now I was googling and I found someone else with the same issue ( and he said he just “Typical, just played around and noticed that the model was parented to a root node. When I de-parent that node so that the ‘root-bone’ is the root root (if you know what I mean) it all imports and plays correctly.”

What does he mean by de-parent that node so that root-bone is root root. And how can I do that?