Mesh Allignment With Grid Problem.

Hey Guys, First GREAT SITE ! Second Im a TOTAL Noob !

Third - When I Add a new mesh I cant get it to allign to the grid. What do I need to do or check to resolve this small problem. Thanks. Oh is there anyway to display only my posts on this forum ?

I’m not sure what you mean align to the grid. If you mean to physically line it up with the grid, set its position to 0 for x,0 for y, and 0 for z. For more help, check out the blender noob to pro ebook. Its a bit outdated, especially if you are using blender, but if you use the where did that button go tutorial for 2.5 and take the book with a grain of salt, you’re headed in the right direction.

noob to pro ebook:

Whered that button go?(for 2.5 only)

Basically when im holding down CTRL to snap to grid the model is not snaping to the grid as its supposed to . Its snapping to areas between the lines

That’s because it’s not supposed to snap to the grid. It snaps to the grid increments. If you are 0.7 on the X axis and the visible grid is 1 unit, and you move along the X axis it will snap to 0.7, 1.7, 2.7 etc. if the visible grid ingrement is 0.1 units it will snap to 0.7, 0.8, 0.9 etc.
To snap to the grid you can use Shift+S / selected to grid and the other options in that menu.