Mesh And Material Not Animated Together

This is my first time using blender’s game engine while going along with a video tutorial and when testing out animations. In the game engine I found what it seems to be the mesh and armature being animated while the material was not. I don’t know where to start looking to solve this problem but I did have to add parts of the material later on after I had put them on before, because I had to go and re-do the mesh to make a new normal map. I had to make a new image, emit, and specular map which didn’t seem to be a problem until now, but they might not be the issue at all.
The blend file is over 900KB large so I can’t put it inside this post.

apply your subdivions on armatures or wreaks all sorts of havoc on performance,

are you talking about playing a new material action (just added systems?)
while playing a armature action that the materials are timed to be synchronized?