mesh/animation fbx export for UE4 results in mutiple anim files (one per channel)

Hello Forum,

I am a total Blender noob and this is most likely a stupid question because I did not find anything about this issue in the net.

I was experimenting with some rigging and was doing quite well for some time. At first few my FBX exports to UE4 always resulted in one Mesh/Skeleton and one Animation File.
All was good and I was happy.
Then I read something about IK rigging and I because my Skeleton was anyway suboptimal, i decided to delete the animation and skeleton to recreate an IK Rig from scratch, just using my old Mesh.
That worked quite well. In Blender everything works as it should (I guess).

The only issue is, that now my fbx export file will have a dataset for each animation channel seperately, means if I load my file into UE4 it shows a ton of animation sequences, even it should be just one.

I try to find the answer for a complete day now and I would be really happy to get it resolved soon.

Thanks alot!!