Mesh artefacts - possible to get rid of?

It’s possible.

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It looks like you have overlapping geometry. I’d go into Edit Mode, select the part of the mesh that intersects with the exterior of your building and move/scale it toward the center of the object so that it no longer overlaps.

It is hard to diagnose your issue with the small amount of information provided. Any more information about what you’ve already tried to do to fix the issue would be appreciated.

Well, thought the same but cant figure out so far if/whats overlapping…

There is not enough information offered here to figure out what the problem is.

What I might be possibly missing /settings?/ with such artefacts/both self and daily latest builds/?
Multisampling and Viewport Quality has nothing to do with it…


The clipping distance of your camera is REALLY high. Does it really need to be set at 100 km? This sometimes causes weird artifacts.

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Nice shot ! ))
Clipping start at ZERO made it.
Btw. This view clipping is a bit annoying …but afraid necessary for opengl(?)

I have no clue how this exactly works, or why these artifacts occur, but sometimes even changing one digit will solve these artifacts is my experience.

Another WOW factor of BL )), thanks anyway