Mesh Become see thru in BGE, help

Hi once again i have an issue .
So i’ve modeled a very simple car to go in a racing game it not finished yet however because the issue that i have problems with usualy happens i thought i’d better check if it had.
Whenever press ‘p’ and it plays the game my mesh goes see through. But since im not terribley good at explaining here is the file:;11939682;/fileinfo.html

this seems to be an ongoing problem for me wen i model so any help will be greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. All your normals are facing out as they should be. Perhaps it’s a UV texturing issue? The file seems to reference a couple images, but they aren’t packed with the blend. Could you pack your external data and repost it?

ok , here’s the file with the backround images packed. Sorry about this but i seems that now i that i have updated to 2.47 (which i thought i had done but forgot install) the issue has gone away. Sorry. However i come across another problem. This one relating to the camera. When ever i parent the camera to the car so that wen the car would move the camera would follow and press play everthing dissapears. It works fine with the camera logic, but i would rather just parent it becuse i dont realy like the style of the camera logic. This seems to occur in textured and non textured mode. There are no UV textures applied as far as i am aware. I have tryed parenting the camera to and empty then to the car but that doesnt seem to work either. here is the file:;11948619;/fileinfo.html
Also note i removed the camera incase there was something wrong with the way i had set it up.
Note note : the filename is the same as the last one however this is the new file.
Thank you.

i wasn’t able to download your file so this is just a “quick” guess. Are you in texture mode (or wire frame)? To see your models with the textures, you can press the shortcut key “Shift + z” before you press “p” to start the game engine.
Maybe that was it?

It’s alt+z :wink:

Sorry about that,
Killer has is right.

oldman, whats your native language?

btw, about the question, you may have inverse normals, or an alpha sorting problem, i dont know, the link is dead :frowning:

Alpha sorting is fixed, but it can slow down your scene.

Sorry about this however my other post still hasn’t appeared and that has the link that replaces that one. And also explains my new problem.
Just on a side note : My native language is english and im froma place called New Zealand (dont worry no ones seems to know where we are) and im kind of a really really bad typer and thing won’t always make sense sorry :spin:
Anywho i fixed that problem it was and issue to do with my normals ( oh and it wasnt the sort of see thru that you get with wireframe its the sort of one you get if ur mesh was umm inside out like the faces were the wrong way round not sure if that made sense oh well.
However i have stumbled accross another problem this time with the camera. My mesh just dissapears wen i parent the camera to the car. Camera logic works however i don’t really like the output that this gives.
here is the working link:;11948619;/fileinfo.html

Hi there.
Might be that you’re having the same problem as I was getting frustrated over. I haven’t checked out your .blend as I couldn’t find it on your link, but as the others that has replied here; sounds like you’re having problems with either the normals direction or the alphavalues of your faces.
Possible fixes:
1: Recalc your normals outside (ctrl-n)
2: Flip normals you think are wonky (ctrl-f)
3: Goto editbuttons, select your texture face tab, then set your polys to be opaque.
Can’t guarantee you this will work for your problem, but #3 sorted mine. Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone problem solved now :slight_smile: