Mesh Becomes Distorted Posing Armature

The moment I use the Armature for Rigging, everything falls apart when I start posing him.

Here’s how he looks like before being Riggified using his default armature. No deformation happens when he poses.

Welcome to BA, now to your problem:

Firstly I have no idea what is going on since your description of the problem is a little… well… short!

So please post the blend file here or to then post the URL here. We need to see your file!

Cheers, Clock.

Hi Clockmender,

Thank-you for the welcome and sorry for the late response! I’m trying to make the file smaller so It can upload to the link you provided but, i’m running into some issues, I’m trying to work them out though!

It seems I cant upload it in this comment since im new as well, sorry for the trouble.

Can u describe the problem a bit more? Is it a problem with squash and stretch (like your IKs go further than human proportions does)

Or is it like that when u parent ur meshes to the rig turns out this strange deformation?

Hi Andrea,

And yes it’s when my mesh is parented to my rigged armature (in the first picture) that it starts to have these weird deformations.

Like his armor and clothing will stretch. But it happens the moment I start posing him.

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It happens right when u start posing it? Until then everything’s fine?

I see that ur fk is pointing in the same Direction as the Ik, did you check in Edit what’s the situation? It changes the structure of the rig itself or just the position of a few bones?

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Exactly, It happens when I start posing him!

I’m in edit mode here, I don’t see anything off so far, I think.

Sorry i meant edit mode of the rig object. If the bones seems strange even in edit mode maybe the rig wasnt generated correctly and u have to generate it again. Are u using rigify?