Mesh Border Deselect Outer (selection intersection by using a border select)

Version: 1.2
Blender: 2.66
Category: Mesh
Author: CoDEmanX

This is a border selection operator, called Border Deselect Outer. It deselects editmesh geometry, that is outside of the border selection you make with this modal operator (like regular border select). Only previously selected geometry is considered, it won’t border select geometry that wasn’t selected before. This is useful to create a selection intersection from previous selection.

How to use:

View3D > EditMode > Select

Make a selection, then run this operator to border-select the desired selection intersection



glad to see it :slight_smile:

but in the video it doesn’t work properly.
It suppose only to deslect.
it looks like what happens when you just click a to diselect all, and then press b to choose it again.

It suppose instead of making this:
to this:
it suppose to make it like this:

It works as expected, if you want it vertex-acurate, switch to vertex selection mode before you use Border Deselect Outer!

Changed video in wiki, it now shows the operator with vertex selection.

CoDEmanx, that is great addition. Thanks for making it available.

Hi buddy!
I think this should be a boolean property in any Select-Function.
(like UV-select/ node select/ object select/ outline-select/ … )

You can do same by hiding unselected, and selecting then, hide unselected…and so on, but with this addon its more convenient.