Mesh breaks when applying mirror on multires model

For some sculpts, when I split it (to fix the symmetry) and apply a mirror modifier with multires, it breaks the mirror-to, side of the mesh.

The work around I’ve been using is to duplicate the mesh, apply the mirror on one (gets funky) and set a shrink wrap to source the un-applied base, go down to 0 and delete the higher res and re subdivide (holes and flipped normals seem to form otherwise.) And it’s all fine and dandy then.

Any idea on why this would be happening? The same old song and dance to situate it, is getting kinda old.

Convert your object to mesh, put a multiresolution modifier and rebuild the subdivition in the generate menu of the modifier

You are a saint! I appreciate you. Opened the old save to test and this worked out very well! :pray:

Also, there is a symmetrise option, which is separate from the Mirror Modifier, which will effectively do the same thing, thought with one click, and less hassle. Might be helpful for you in the future.

Went back ant tested this as well with the old file. It ended up creating off centered overlapping verts, and merge by distance wasn’t quite working out, and nongons where created. I see it would work great by keeping the subdivisions, but the vertex cleanup work ended up being more time consuming on higher poly meshes. Tried on a lower poly mesh as well, and got the same issue. I’ll have to double check the origin when I get the time.