mesh bulge modifier - affect region

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Im new to this forum, im from italy, i dont speak english very well… anyway…

my question is simple…
i would like to be able to bulge a part of a mesh in a procedural way… not using the simple modeling.
i need to make this bulge able to move on the mesh surface to animate effect…

i would like to create an animation effect similar to a mouse moving under a carpet…:slight_smile:

in 3ds max (if somebody knows max features) there is a modifier called affect region that would be what i need now…didnt found anything similar in blender

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One quick and easy way may be to use a lattice modifier.

You can apply this modifier to the entire object or to a vertex group within the object.

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ok but i think lattice doesnt work because, with simple lattice i cannot have a wave effect
using lattice i cannot slide a control point over entire mesh surface and make the control point affect only near vertices. in fact a lattice control point affect always same part of the mesh… hope you understood

this is affect region in 3dsmax

This is an off-the-cuff idea, since you’ve posed a very good question (Blender should have such a modifier if it does not already), but have you considered using a Cloth modifier on a static mesh (the “carpet”) with an animated collision object (the “mouse”) under it? Basically this would actually simulate your “mouse under carpet” analogy. Not as elegant as the modifier you describe but maybe workable.


Keep in mind though that the lattice itself can be animated, also, lattice control points can have hook modifiers applied. I think they could be used in your situation with a bit of creativity, though not as easy as the video shows for 3ds.

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cloth should not work because i want make that bulge effect on a cylinder-like mesh…

thanx for answers anyway

That does complicate things. I wonder if you could get something vaguely similar using a Shrinkwrap modifier or two? It’d be a complicated setup, though, maybe not worth the effort. Hmmm.

Sorry all,

But I can never leave well enough alone. In the attached blend file:

  1. Select and move “Main” to move everything
  2. Select and move “Lattice” to position the bump on the surface
  3. Select and move “LatMain” to change the characteristics of the bump

This is quick and dirty, and you will notice some lag when moving. This is due to the parenting, and it could probably be set up in a more intelligent manner to limit or avoid lagging altogether. Like I said, more work than is shown in the 3ds video, but doable.

Best of Luck!


latticething.blend (112 KB)

oh!! obi_ron, you’re right…
i have not considered that if you grab lattice in object mode, the part of the mesh affected by lattice will change …:o. Thank you for pointing it out to me !!
i will try setting it up according to my need…

thx everybody
big up from italy

echo elvios – good job, OBI-ron. I wonder if the Lattice shaping could be done with the Shrinkwrap modifier, to allow for easier construction of specific bulge shapes…