Mesh Cache Bug with Text tool?

Dear Artists -
could it be that there is an issue with updates of Textparameters like extrusiondepth or bevelwidth or even change in text?

Working with blender octane 2.935 , my viewport seems to work fine in the unshaded view but when I switch to shaded view i suddenly see geometry which isn´t really there anymore. Geometry from text I have changed before…
Biggest bug I am experiencing is converted text to mesh - all of a sudden words dissapear when I toggle visability of other words that have no link or joined geo in common with each other…

it might be a GPU problem. Just updated to the newest nvidia driver.
update: this is no GPU Problem. It must have something to do with the Text Tool. After I converted the Last Text into Mesh, all of the above bugs were gone.

anyone any idea?