mesh changes to object

I’m a beginner. When I add a mesh, then add another mesh, the first mesh changes to an object and I cannot access the vertices in edit-mode. How do I access and change the vertices of every mesh that is in my scene?

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You can only edit one mesh at a time. If you have two or more separate objects that you want to merge, use Shift-LMB to select them and then press Ctrl-J to join them as one object. Then you can all the meshes in that merged object at one time.

Thanks Matt, that worked.

Let’s say I’m modeling a tree with a trunk and a limb. I add the trunk as a cylinder-mesh, then add a limb as a cylinder-mesh. After adding the limb, I decide to change the trunk, but want the limb to stay exactly how it is. Can I apply such transformations as stretch or scale to the trunk mesh without affecting the limb?

Select the part of the mesh you don’t want to change, the limb, and turn it into a separate object with PKey. Then do what ever scaling or stretching you want with the trunk, and when you’re done, make the limb part of the tree object again by joining the new limb object and the old trunk object with Ctrl+J. You’ll need to do some clean up at the joint, because the scaling or whatever will get things out of line.