Mesh Check

That is a known drawback.
I have to wait for someone to update of BGL Editon with Blender 2.7x to Blender 2.8.


I’m working on it.


It would be useful to have multi-editing support and not just statistics from the active object. Thanks for the hard work.

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With the faces.
The colors can be changed in the addon preferences.
Work on multi edit object.
I still have to hand over the isolated vertices, the N poles, the E poles and the poles to more than 5 edges.
I think i’ll add the addon updater too ^^.


poles checker ^^


Maybe post a link to gumroad?

You’re right ^^
Mesh Check


hi, in 2.79, we had this addon in the mesh edit tools. My proposal would be simply add this back into Blender for the 2.83 release. What do you think?


That could be a good idea ^^

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I have been waiting for BGL Edition!
Thanks for the development.


I wrote the points I felt while using them.

X Ray option synchronizes with X Ray enabled state of Blender standard function


Enable only in edit mode

The state that mainly corrects the error mesh is the edit mode.

If you enable Mesh Check and select a high poly object, Blender will stop.
If you want to display it in object mode as well, I think the user should understand the risk of crash and explicitly enable it.

Triangles and Ngons are enabled by default

I think In most cases, users will use Triangles and Ngons.

Measures for high poly objects

If the polycount of selected objects is equal to or larger than the specified polycount , the function is invalidated.

mmmh it’s not a bad idea. I’ll do the modification.

I like to be able to use it in object mode, mainly for 3D printing.
Many assets have holes that are easily visible by using the ‘non-manifold edges’.

I’ve been thinking about it. Imposing a limit to avoid Blender’s crash.


What about overlapping faces and edges? There are many cases where you would have those and they are hard to detect by eye?