Mesh Circle + Rendering = :(


I was trying to work through the Pixar Eye Tutorial on the wiki and came across a problem.
When trying to build the Iris, I could not get a solid to reder. Clicking set solid and/or applying the subsurf did nothing useful.

I built the 8 sided circle with the necessary new edges, etc., just fine… but then I’m stuck.


Thank you,

Can you post an image on the link to the tutorial?

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by “an image on the link to the tutorial” but I can post a link to the tutorial.

Pixar Eyes


I’m not sure how new you are to Blender, but did you add faces to your circle as well as edges? Only faces are rendered (unless you’re using a halo texture or wireframe rendermode) so if you’ve not added them you won’t see anything.

Add a face by selecting either 3 or 4 vertices and pressing F.

Sorry, i ment “an image or the link to the tutorial”.

I think rawpigeon is in the good way.