Mesh Cleanup - Remove Triangulation

Hi All,

I am working with a provided mesh. This is a mesh that was read in by Cinema4D, and exported as an OBJ, then imported into Blender.

When I set smooth on the mesh, it messes up and parts of it are dark and parts are light. I have removed doubles 389. But the mesh still needs help. Is there anyway to remove the triangulation?

What is the best way to fixup this mesh?



you can cjhange tris with Alt-J

but you still have to check all the normals and make certain they are pointing outside



ALT-J does not seem to do anything to this mesh. I put the mesh in edit mode. I choose triangle selection. I select two triangles that are next to each other and I press ALT-J. Nothing.

What does ALT-J actually do? join triangles?

Alt-J can only join two triangles that would form a quad. Your mesh simply has too many triangles for alt-J to do anything with. Try using an Edge-split modifier with Set Smooth to see if the Normals issues go away.

I can use Alt + J for a whole mesh, not only for two triangles. Why shouldn’t it work here, too?

Alt-J has its limits. It appears to be based on the angle of the triangles and whether or not a convex quad would be created. Here is a quick example of several shapes made of triangles on the top row and what happens to them after Alt-J:

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i f this is a 3D mesh can you show a 3 D view of it

may be this would give a better to evaluate what you got there as a mesh !


@ DichotomyMatt:
Of course it cannot join triangles that are necessary. All the triangles shown by you are unavoidable, or at least not replaceable by quads.

So these are things Alt + J cannot and may not change. For a simple joining of two tris forming a convex quad, it’s perfect.

What about the equivalent of the Cinema4D melt command?

Does blender have something like that? It simply conects two triangles.

Alt-J will connect two triangles together, but it has its limits. There are simply too many triangles in your mesh to simply join them all into quads. If the face plate of your model is Flat, use Edge Split and the normal errors should go away.