Mesh creating and orientation in space

I just realize that if I

  • space bar - Add - mesh - circle, in front view, I get a circle that “lies” on the front view plane

Now, I deselect all the vertices and remain in edit mode.

  • space bar - Add - circle, in front view, I get a second circle that “lies” on the front view plane

And now

  • Menu add - mesh - circle, in the same frone view, the new circle has a different orientatin in space. Why these two different behaviours ?

Thanks in advance

It seems to be in the same orientation for me. Are you sure you’re still in the same view? If you have any other viewports open (split windows), make sure the mouse moved from the front-view window into the menu and not from the other-view window. Which version are you using? I tried it for the entire 2.3x series and it works as it should for me.

Using 2.35
I have a window with 3 views, front, top and camera.
You may be rigth when you talk about the viewport.
What I experiment is that, using the Add menu, the first object is drawn as I expect, but the second one is drawn according to the camera viewport, though I do not move over this windows to reach the Add menu ?