Mesh creation problem

Well, actually It’s a minor problem but it bothers me. I have wroted a small script that creates some mesh. Everythigh works ok except that mesh doesn’t show up in 3d view until I enter in EditMode, manually or through python.

    editmode = Window.EditMode() # Storing of EditMode state
    if editmode: Window.EditMode(0) # Go out from EditMode
    newMesh = Blender.Mesh.New(Name) # Create a new mesh (vertices and faces are already created)
    newMesh.verts.extend(vertList) # Append vertices to the mesh
    newMesh.faces.extend(faceList) # Append faces to the mesh
    objMesh = Object.New('Mesh', Name) # Create new object # Link mesh wit created object
    scn = Scene.GetCurrent() # Get current scene
    for ob in scn.getChildren():
        ob.sel = 0 # Deselect all objects # Put object in to the scene

    objMesh.sel = 1 # Select created object    
    objMesh.Layers = scn.Layers # 
    Window.EditMode(1) # If I don't enter to edit mode, mesh doesn't show in 3D view
    Window.EditMode(0) # Exit form EditMode

    if editmode: Window.EditMode(1) # Restore edit mode


If anyone see what I’m doing wrong here, please correct me.