Mesh critique / advice would be appreciated.


3D beginner here and in the beginning stages of what will be my first major project (just been doing the weekend challenges to date) and would appreciate any feed back on my first two pieces so far.

It seems to me there is too many polys in it for what they are, but I don’t see much alternatives other than n-gons. Also curious if maybe I should have modeled the ears (or pin bearing sockets) separately from the main bar.

I really want to learn things right so any suggestions, advise or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.


Looks good if you are not going to be using Subdivision surface at all. If you are I see some problems and there are probably too many faces.

Sometimes I model parts by adding new primitives and intersecting my original mesh, instead of just extruding everything from the same mesh. If I plan on using subsurface modifiers, I add them in and use loop cuts to preserve the edges I need, as well as bevel geo where I need the edges to be rigid.

Nothing much to critique except that you might want loops helping bevel edges and circles look like having too much geometry.

Thanks for the input DruBan.

I was planning on using SubSurf to smooth out the rounded areas. Just using smooth shading kind of turns it to mush but a level 2 Subsurf looks ok on it. What problems do you see with using SubSurf on it. I used all quads (as I understand is the preferred way to do SubSurf) and put some control loops on the corners to keep them from getting to deformed.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your knowledge.

Craig Jones,

If I understand you correctly I would build the main beam, then model the ears (for lack of technical knowledge i call them ears) as separate objects and then position them and use CTRL-J to join. I could see how that would make things simpler.

Could you explain this sentence “as well as bevel geo where I need the edges to be rigid” Are you using “rigid” to mean the same as “sharp”?

Thanks in advance.


Your mesh look really nice. I am going to try to redo mine and see if I can use the advice given here to make it cleaner.

No problems as such, but if you plan to use SS you might want to thin your geometry out a bit it’s a little dense for that. But I think you have the right ideas all the way. If you look at Eppo’s as a model you can’t go wrong; he(or she) has reduced the number of sides on circular holes to eight which was the only iffy thing I saw on your mesh - 24 sides on one of them which is fine for no SS but etc etc .
There were also some interior bevels that would be smoothed out by SS if you did not add support loops to them as Eppo has done.

Yes, ctrl-B to bevel edges I want to have as sharp in subsurf - like adding control edge loops, only they are bevels instead. I don’t go to object mode to add gepo - I just snap my cursor where I want from a selection, then deselect and add a new cube,plane, circle, etc.

Your work looks good, but if you look at Eppo’s example you will see they are working with the subsurf on to make sure the geometry is holding, and there is also the use of less verts in the circles, etc.

Hi again,

Just thought I’d report back with my new and improved piece following the advice given. Still not quite as good as eppo’s but much improved I think. I made the ears with new primitives as Craig Jones suggested. Thanks for all the advice. I’ll keep all this in mind as I move on.


That’s very nice - don’t be afraid to delete loops that don’t do anything… I see four - I think. If it runs right down the middle between two others that are exactly parallel to it at all points then it’s probably surplus.