mesh cutting

hey, is there a way to cut out shapes in meshes, for example, im thing about making a bus or something like that maybe, and im trying to thing of a way to cut out the windows is there anyway to cleanly get it cut thanks :smiley:

You could try hitting Ctrl-R to add in edge loops and arrange them to create the outlines of the windows. Then switch over to face selection instead of vertex (theres a button at the bottom for that or, while in edit mode, hit Ctrl-Tab to bring up a menu) then select the area to cut out, hit X and select delete face. That’ll leave a hole for the windows.

Personally, I would suggest making the edge loops and instead of deleting the face, creating a material with settings similar to the ones in the image. If you are in edit mode, you can select the faces for the windows and hit assign in the materials tab. That should give you a glass-like material as the windows instead of just a hole.

Boolean is the tool used for cutting out shapes. Google it.

However its very sloppy and makes poor topology. Modeling proper topology and then extruding inward the best way to go about it. As mentioned above, adding cutloops where you need them.

I disagree. Booleans have saved my life more than once, quite literally - my boss is savage :slight_smile: If you model an object well, booleans won’t leave anything undesirable left over. Then again, I come from the Unreal community, where the only way to model was booleaning shapes to whatever you want them…

Yea, booleans leave awful random edges drawn all over your mesh. I would avoid boolean, but if you can’t get the proper detail, do all your modeling before you activate boolean. Otherwise, your mesh won’t be as flexible in adding more detail. Also, make sure not to try to use subsurf after boolean. You could get some nasty normals.