Mesh Deform affects other fingers

So I’ve been making a character which is controlled by a mesh deform modifier. However, I’ve been having an issue using it with the fingers and toes, as bending one of them would drag the surrounding limbs (similar to proportional editing).

Things that I’ve Noticed:

  • If I parent the actual body to the armature, it works. However, since the body is controlled by the mesh deform modifier, the body will out-bend the bones.

  • If I separate the fingers from the body and parent them to the armature, the bending works properly, but they would always stay detached.

Reddit discussion can be found here: (

I’ve figured it out!

Here’s a link to the video that taught me how to do it:

In case anyone gets stuck, here’s a little walkthrough:

  1. Grab your body (not the mesh deform) and create a Vertex Group and weight paint just the hands and feet (and maybe the head and/or groin for some people, wherever there’s unwanted movement created by mixing both the mesh deform and the parented body).

  2. Go to your modifiers and add an armature modifier and add your vertex group to the vertex group section. Do the same thing for the mesh deform, but also check the arrows button next to it (it inverses the chosen vertex group).

Hope this helps!!!

NOTE: I was going to add pictures, but I’m sadly a new member. :frowning:
So here’s the tutorial with pictures: