Mesh deform modifier

I was very excited to see the new mesh deform modifier in 2.46, especially after seeing the Pixar demonstrations. I downloaded the latest ‘svn’ version from graphicall, and immediately started testing this new deformation method but…

I’m having no success at all in getting nice deformation like in the example chinchilla file. So much so, I’m sure I must be doing something wrong, but I can’t figure out what.

The best way to explain is to show, so if anyone could have a look at the video and knows what is going wrong, please let me know. Thanks

Just one last call before I submit this .blend file on the bug tracker. If anyone has attempted to download the movie file posted above, please let me know whether you had success viewing it or not. Also, if the problem isn’t evident from what I’ve written / shown, please let me know. I’ve managed to apply the mesh deform modifier to other meshes with excellent results, so I am now confident that I know the correct process to use it. If there are no suggestions, I will go ahead and upload the file to the bug tracker. Thanks!

Did you look at the bone weights? It looks like the upper bone is influencing the lower bone… or you should make your control cage a little more denser?

The thing to take note of is the lower part of the chin is sticking through the cage
mesh - its better if it was inside. Try adjusting the cage mesh so the chin fits inside.

In fact, even a tight fit I find doesn’t do well. Your best bet is to sort of ‘bloat up’
that mesh even more, give a good amount of space between the cage and the base mesh.
Remember that if there’s any other mods or corrective shape keys on there, you need to click on “Dynamic” before binding - that’ll make it work in conjunction with other mods.
You can also toggle on “Multimodifier” in the armature mod settings.

I had a problem about 2 months ago like this, so let me know how it goes, as I’ve
forgotten how I solved it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s fixed! And the results are superb! This is a great new feature.

toontje, The bone weights were the default as created by bone heat, and they seem to be fine.

mikahl, I adjusted the Cage so as to fully enclose the mesh, but this wasn’t the problem. And, as I had deleted all the mesh’s vertex groups and shape keys, there was no need to use the ‘dynamic’ option.

The cause of the problem turned out to be some scaling on the Cage. All that was needed was to ‘Apply Scale and Rotation to Object Data’ (Ctrl+a), then re-bind.