Mesh deform+Transformation. New tools vs. Old problems :)

The title is explicit…

Do you know this site?
If no, read it and come back later :slight_smile:

Much later (at least look at the images ! :p)

And now the question.
Are the new Mesh Deform modifier and Transformation constraint suitable for the challenge?

Using Mesh Deform to simplify the weighting (weight the simple mesh instead of bleeding from the eyes for squinting too much on dense mesh) and Transformation on some strategically placed bones to achieve this result : ---->

I tried myself but the Transformation constraint is puzzling me. Especially for scaling… And I have a hard time making the link between the number I input for the source and those I input for the destination :slight_smile:

This is the link to my project,, also this thread

I´ve achieved 100% flawless character deformation with my Rig (which is based on bone constraint, it is ´´ShapeKeys Free´´). The only ´´drawback´´ is that you have to do a very detailed weight painting work. I´ve written a Manual where the needed weight painting is shown.

Anyway, the choice of using BlenRig or using Shapekeys is just a matter of personal preference.

In answer to your question, I don´t know about the transformation constraint, but the Mesh Deform modifier is a really nice feature, and combined with the needed extra bones (BlenRig) or with SapeKeys, it could make the whole rigging process more accurate and easier.

I know that this is not much of an answer to your question, it´s just a method suggestion.